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As with everything in this day and age, the art of specialisation is a growing area. With so much money tied up in investment properties (on average $500,000 per property) it is essential that the letting and ongoing management of your property is done with upmost speed and professionalism. Some of the many benefits of such professional assistance are:

  1. Carrying out suitable security checks on all prospective tenants. Most agents are affiliated with the national tenancy database and TICA, both databases are shared by all agents nationally and from New Zealand for over the last 20-25 years and black list any prospective tenants who may have caused problems in their past rental history. Further stringent checks are the verification of 120 points of identification, the practice of not using mobile phone numbers to check and verify references, the requirement of correct pay slips and proof of ability to meet rental payments. By carefully selecting the right tenant in the first place, the ongoing management of the property becomes a much simpler task and safe guards your valuable investment, whilst enhancing your returns.
  2. Taking professional photos, professional script writing of text, conducting home opens and having your property exposed on over 12 websites ensures that your property meets the maximum amount of prospective tenants as quickly as possible.
  3. A zero tolerance to rental arrears at all times ensures steady cash flow.
  4. Ongoing inspections ensure the property is being maintained in a high order of repair at all times.
  5. One huge point of difference is, our firm offers 1 Property Manager per property and doesn’t try to split job roles i.e. the majority of agents split several tasks over several managers, whereas our Property Managers do everything from lease the property, check the tenant, carry out inspections, monitor work orders etc. So one call or email will cover all questions. At any given time our managers are aware of what the status is with your property.
  6. Ongoing competition in market research ensures your property is ahead of the trends and curve.
  7. Long lists of corporate clients are instantly informed of your property becoming available.

Finally, all the costs of managing your property are fully tax deductible and are an excellent insurance to maintain the ongoing viability of your valuable investment.