Duyfken 1606 Replica -
Western Australia

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Duyfken Replica


Behind Little Creatures Brewery, Fishing Boat Harbour
Fremantle Weste

The Duyfken (Little Dove) NEEDS YOU! The foundation is very much in need of VOLUNTEERS! Open daily behind Little Creatures – Fishing Boat Harbour Fremantle. This ‘age of discovery’ replica was the first ship to make landfall in the Gulf of Carpentaria in 1606. The Fremantle - built Duyfken is inspirational in so many ways. You really need to take a tour and or sail on her so why not do it by becoming a volunteer? World experts undertook rigorous research to ensure that the design was as close as possible to the original. Most materials used are the as in the original as can be, European oak; maritime pine; hemp and manila ropes; flax sails. Built and rigged by craftsmen using 16th Century techniques.

Talking to the crew, like the bosun Andrew Bibby who has lived with Duyfken for five years, you learn that she is a terrific sailing ship – one that sailors of tall ships fall in love with. Our Executive Producer, Ron (DINGO) Reddingius was invited to join the Board of the ‘not for profit’ foundation last year and has fallen in love with her. “I have had the opportunity to sail on her when Hillary Clinton was in Perth and with a 25 knot sea breeze on her port quarter got the chance to experience her at full tilt. (see photos) She was doing 9 knots - believe it or not” said Ron.

This is an open invitation to our HOME in WA viewers to tour the ship for only $10. Why not take the family or some mates down to her berth behind Little Creatures Brewery in Fishing Boat Harbour. She also desperately needs Volunteers. If you have some spare time WE NEED YOU. Jump onto the website, www.duyfken.com, it has all the info on how you can become ‘Friend of Duyfken’. There you can also buy that 75 minute historical DVD, ‘The Duyfken Dream’ for only $19.50 on-line or perhaps join up as a volunteer, even become part of the sailing crew.