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Now it’s spring, here are some top tips that will provide you with lots of healthy nutritious fruit throughout the summer.  We show you the easy way to grow your own fruit even if you do not have a lot of room at your home in WA!

Now is the perfect time for planting up a delicious pot of fruit to enjoy throughout the weeks ahead. Always choose varieties that are suited to WA’s climate. We have chosen stone fruit plants specially grown on dwarfing rootstocks that keep the plants under 2 .5 metres tall but still provide us with a bounty of fruit.

Always use a premium potting mix with the red ticks and with added Seasol. In goes the potting mix then gently tap the trees out of their pots and place them in the middle, fill around the sides and tap the pot to settle the mix.  
Once you get to the very top, water in with Seasol to reduce transplant shock and to produce tougher healthier plants.

If you want healthy foliage, more flowers and tastier fruit, feed every fortnight with PowerFeed for Flowers and Fruit which is specifically designed for flowers and fruit and has the proven PowerFeed formula of fish, highly soluble nutrients and liquid composts with added iron, everything that your fruit trees need to thrive.
If you have a larger garden or lots of pots you can use the hose-on PowerFeed for Flowers and Fruit, it's so easy to apply.  

Find Seasol, Powerfeed for Flowers & Fruit and new season fruit trees at Bunnings stores throughout WA and get ready for a summer feast. We’ll have weekly Gardening tips on HOME in WA so do join us again next week.