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Smood potato masher & Garject garlic press

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Alain Lapelerie


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Kitchen Witch are back with their clever kitchen ideas and today they’d like to introduce you to two clever products that are essential for any home chef.

Firstly the Smood Potato Masher that has a spring coil at the base, which traps the ingredients rather than allowing them to escape to the side. As you press down, the space between the coils tightens up, producing a finer mash. It’s quick, efficient and easy on the wrist, and it has a silicone blade that helps scrape your mash out without scratching the pot.

Now we all dread having to peel garlic when cooking so having this utensil is going to come in very handy. The Garject holds several garlic cloves and there’s no need for peeling, of course you squeeze the handles to press the garlic, but when you flip the handle back a little plastic blade scrapes off the pressed garlic that always sticks to it and then the plastic cleaner clears the press holes. You then press a little lever and it ejects the peels, hence its name.

Both products are from the clever guys at The Dreamfarm in Queensland and you can get your hands on both these products at Kitchen Witch.

For the latest appliances, utensils and creative gift ideas then head into Kitchen Witch. Joondalup, Subiaco and Mandurah.