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Spring is just around the corner and now is the time to get your garden into top shape.  Whether your garden is recovering after the cold and wet winter, in need of some tender loving care or just starting to burst into growth, I have the perfect solution for some spring colour in your garden.

At this time of year your garden needs a health treatment to keep plants in tip top condition along with fertiliser to get them growing. As an all-round plant tonic, Seasol helps to establish a strong and vigorous root system and strengthens the cell walls to boost plants' resistance to disease, pests, drought and frost.  It also stimulates the growth of beneficial soil micro-organisms to boost overall plant health.

Seasol have also developed a specific plant food formulated particularly for flowering and fruiting plants.  The new PowerFeed for Flowers and Fruit has just the right balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to enhance flowering and encourage more fruit production.  PowerFeed Flowers and Fruit is organically based and contains extra fish and added iron that minimises leaf yellowing, promoting healthy vigorous growth, flowers and fruit.

The added highly active liquid composts in PowerFeed for Flowers and Fruit also conditions the soil and increases the uptake of nutrients.  This makes your soil alive with healthy microbes and a more sustainable environment for plants to grow.

Apply both PowerFeed and Seasol every couple of weeks during the growing season to give your garden a balanced diet/the perfect pick me up. You'll have healthier plants, bigger blooms and tastier fruit.

Find Seasol and Powerfeed for Flowers & Fruit at Bunnings stores across WA – We’ll have weekly Gardening tips on HOME in WA so do join us again next week.