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Selling real estate off paper plans can be confusing, boring and now it’s a thing of the past.

Local Western Australian company Pixel Focus are turning lifeless flat floor plans into lifelike photo real 3D visuals.

Pixel Focus is a leading edge architectural 3D Animation Studio that specialises in high- end stills and animation flythroughs.

Builders, developers and architects are now more commonly using these 3d images and flythroughs because it’s the easiest way for potential clients to actually see what they are investing in or buying. They can’t yet  walk into the building because it hasn’t been built.

The team at Pixel Focus encourage clients to sit down with expert 3D artists and fuss over the finer details within each image.

From reflections in windows down to fabric textures on couch coverings, the artists are committed to delivering detail that’s true to life.

What sets this company apart in the sheer size of its rendering farm which is industry speak for a super-sized computer suite.

It allows Pixel Focus to be a leader in cutting edge technology, recently introducing a 3D stereoscopic architectural fly through that’s taken innovation to the next level.

The company developed a four-minute 3D flythrough…with glasses on… You feel like you can reach out and touch the furniture.

Robin Schnider is a leading sales agent and has been selling apartments off the plans more than 15 years.

He says they give people peace of mind when it comes to purchasing from plans. We find that if a client can visualize the apartment and actually see it before construction they are more likely to pay top dollar.

As a selling agent for Perth’s Springview Towers and Ocean Edge Apartments in Port Coogee, Schinder says Spiro’s input with the marketing and the 3d help was invaluable.

And Pixel Focus isn’t just leading the way down under…

Just over 2 years ago, a four-minute Pixel Focus animation fly through of a massive new shopping complex was presented by the Malaysian Prime Minister to more than 500 guests in Kuala Lumpur.

This proved to be a launching pad for Spiro and his team, given that now, more than 50% of Pixel Focus clients are coming from that region.

The company prides itself on providing the total package and guarantees this by working in close partnership with sister company, property specialist advertising agency, Campaign Focus.

Campaign Focus has been marketing projects for developers for more than 15 years.

Clients are reaping the benefits of having their HD, 3D imagery integrated into marketing brochures, web design and Television and Theatre commercials. It means Their office is a one stop shop when it comes to designing and marketing a new property development.

How ever Pixel Focus and Campaign Focus are run separately so clients have the choice to use either or both when looking to launch their up coming developments.

To get in touch with Pixel Focus and to see examples of their world class work head to pixelfocus.com.au or phone 08 626 24047.