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Spring in the garden is usually associated with flowers, so I thought we'd show you how to get more flowers in your garden.

For new gardens, obviously your plant choice is going to depend on your individual garden and style, but one thing to remember is to check exactly when they're going to be flowering. You can create a once-a-year display where the whole garden is flowering at once, or stagger the flowering seasons, so that you have a splash of colour all year round.

For the established garden, with most plants, when you cut off some of the old growth, the plant responds with plenty of new growth, which means more flowers. So, regular pruning will yield more blooms.

A good general rule of thumb is to prune little and often or after flowering taking no more than a third off at a time.  Trimming off any dead or spent flower heads once the plant has finished flowering will also encourage another flush of flowers.

Feeding your garden is also a great way to encourage more flowers. PowerFeed for Flowers and Fruit has just the right balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to enhance flowering and fruit growth, without producing excessive foliage.

PowerFeed for Flowers and Fruit is organically based and contains fish and liquid composts; being a liquid means that the nutrients it contains are immediately available to your plants. It's formulated to sustain longer lasting blooms and to promote vigorous flowering and enhance fruit quality.  It also stimulates a robust, healthy root system and increases resistance to stress, heat and drought conditions.
The liquid compost also improves the condition of soil and the availability of nutrients. And its low phosphorus formulation makes it suitable for Australian native plants and safer for our waterways.

Plants like to eat little and often so, apply every couple of weeks and your garden will soon be producing even more vibrant flowers and tastier fruit.
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Powerfeed for Flowers & Fruit
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