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Gourmet Chevups Chili, Feta and Spinach Pasta

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Canon Foods Gourmet Chevups Chilli, Feta and Spinach Pasta
Time: 25mins        Makes: 4 Serves

This is a great quick and easy recipe that is perfect served as a light dinner for you and your family or a quick and easy meal at your next dinner party.
Canon Foods Gourmet Chevups Chilli are made with 100% pure Australian Beef are low in fat and Gluten Free. You can quickly turn this recipe into gluten free by using Gluten free pasta.

1    Tray Fresh Canon Foods Gourmet Chevups Chilli
50gm       Light Smooth Feta (crumbled)
150gm  Fresh Baby Spinach
½     Punnet of Mini Roma Tomatoes
½     pkt of thick Fettuccine
Olive Oil

Place a pot of water onto the stove top and bring the water to boil.
Slice each Gourmet Chevup Chilli into 5 pieces (approximately 2 cm thick).
Add the Pasta and pinch of salt to the boiling water and cook as per the packet instructions approximately 10-15 mins.
Prepare a fry pan by lightly spraying with cooking oil and turning onto a low to medium heat
Place Chevup pieces into the pan making sure to turn regularly browning all sides and cook for approximate 8-10 mins.
Prepare the baby spinach by tearing the leaves into quarters
Prepare the baby roma tomatoes by cutting into halves
Prepare the feta chopping into crumbled sized pieces and set aside.
Add the tomatoes to the fry pan and cook for 1-2mins
Take the frypan off the heat and set aside to rest for one minute.
Drain the pasta and add to the fry pan with the baby spinach. Add a drizzle of olive oil and season with salt and pepper, mix to combine all the ingredients.
Place into the serving plate and sprinkle over with the crumbled feta

Serve immediately