Euroflex Steam Cleaner 

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Monster Mops and Steam Cleaners available Australia wide and in New Zealand from leading retailers


Finally a revolutionary and proven, chemical free way to clean that’s better for your health and the environment.
The Monster range of steam cleaners have the same commercial strength, stainless steel boilers as the famous Monster mop.  
Monster can also superheat to 130* degrees Celsius and produce vapour that is hotter and drier. Using its fine vapour jet, the Monster steam cleaner penetrates wherever dust and dirt can go.  Its strong pressure means faster and more effective cleaning.

Surfaces cleaned with a Monster will be left with no chemical residue for dirt to stick to so next time your cleaning will be quicker and easier.
The range of Monster steam cleaners will not only save you time and effort, they’ll save you money every week by eliminating the cost of buying cleaning products.
No other method of cleaning will safely kill microscopic organisms, deodorise and leave your home as hygienic as the Monster.
Its modern Italian design offers advanced features such as automatic water refill and an optional iron attachment. Both great time savers!
With its multiple accessories, the Monster enables you to clean nearly all of your home naturally. With Monster Steam Cleaners sold in 42 countries, you can confidently place your trust in the World’s leader in steam appliances.

Now you can throw away your toxic cleaning products forever and your home will be cleaner and healthier than ever before.
The Monster steam cleaner range is faster, easier, healthier and cleaner...
The Monster is without doubt one of the most advanced and efficient steam cleaners in the World.
For your long term wellbeing, say goodbye to your unhealthy cleaning methods and make the Monster a part of your life today.