This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Ian or Ben Leslie



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Shop 11 Hometown Centre 381 Scarborough Beach Rd
Osborne Park WA 6017

So you’ve got overseas guests on their way and all you’ve got to offer is a rigid, old sofa bed…probably not quite the 5 star luxury your guests were planning for.

Well, any excuse to shop! Come and visit Natuzzi – a place that brings your home to life.

Natuzzi blends culture, tradition and quality to create beautiful furniture and luxurious living.

Here, you'll find their prized Notturno sofa bed. You'll be surprised. It’s a Natuzzi modular that turns into a sofa bed. The mechanisms are so fluent and it unfolds with such ease.

The Notturno can be custom designed to suit your space. You can make it into a big 4 seater or turn it into an L-shaped modular. There are so many different options – pick your style of sofa, then pick your colour.

The Bolero Recliner is the newest Natuzzi model to arrive in the showroom. It's a recliner that still looks stylish and doesn't crowd the room because it's off the ground. It also has a child lock on the recliner buttons to keep little fingers safe!

If you want to optimise space or create a new combination without affecting the harmony you’ve already got at home, come and visit Natuzzi – innovators in luxury and design.