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If your power bill has gone through the roof then read on! When building or renovating a home, there are features you can include that won’t cost you extra money but will still give you savings! Other features will cost more initially… but more than pay back after a few years.

There is a lot you can do. A solar power system will generate your own power. Insulate with materials that are natural and renewable and use materials with a low environmental impact such as timber where possible. Also use eaves to shade north and south facades.

These changes are good for the environment and make your home more comfortable, durable, healthier and have a potential higher resale value. Master Builders will be running a Green Living training course for builders from September.  These 2 day courses provide their builders with knowledge, information and tools to build more sustainable options into their clients’ homes.

To find out more about the Green Living Course or to find a Master Builder phone 9476 9800 or visit