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Ian or Ben Leslie



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Shop 11 Hometown Centre 381 Scarborough Beach Rd
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From Gucci to Prada, Michael Angelo, the Colosseum and some of the best food on the planet…

Wow, where do I start…Italy…home to artistic treasures, renowned sights and it dominates the fashion world.

Want to absorb a little Italian culture? I know where you can get a quick fix. Here at Natuzzi.

Some of my favourite things to shop for are pieces for the house and what better than quality Italian made products. Natuzzi has grown to new heights of class and sophistication.
It's flagship store in Perth officially opened its doors six months ago. It’s under new ownership run by the Leslie family. They also run Impressions Furniture gallery and have been in the furniture industry for more than 25 years.
Here, you’ll find new designs of exquisite, well-groomed pieces that have landed straight from of the heart of Naples.

Natuzzi’s products are traditional, but also stand face-to-face with innovation. It’s a must-see if you’re in the market for a new living space.

Natuzzi Group was founded in 1959 by Pasquale Natuzzi and in 1993, became the only foreign furniture company to list on Wall Street. Now, Natuzzi ships to 124 countries worldwide and are privileged to be able to offer WA their line.
Owner, Ben Leslie's top 3 picks are:
•    Brio Recliner – the electric mechanisms are faultless
•    Amadeus Armchair - it is the best single Natuzzi armchair sold in the world. It’s so comfy you really just have to sit in it to believe it!
•    Opus Sofa - it comes in Leather, fabric or both

The focus is on hand-made, traditional details, such as those featured in our sofas, including visible stitching to make them truly unique. It can be custom designed and the options are endless. You can make it into a big four-seater for more spacious living, or turn it into an L-shaped modular to compliment with your space. Pick your style of sofa then pick your colour.
If you’re the analytical type and find it hard to visualise everything in your head, well, just bring your plans in and the staff can draw up what your new room would look like in 3D! This high spec computer program is the only one of its kind. Just type in the exact measurements of any room, click on the Natuzzi pieces you love and oh, eccellente!

Natuzzi offers a creative mix of raw materials and smart technology and blending the two can be seen in store. So come down for a successful style solution.