This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Mike Barnett



Like most very successful TV shows, HOME in WA relies on our website to give you, our viewers all the contact info you need to contact clients that appear on our show. So we needed the best, but affordable website guru’s, so we have teamed up with Microwebsites.

You see their team at Microwebsites specialize in affordable, functional, and stylish websites that can deliver great results. You’ll all know and have heard of businesses that have paid thousands and thousands. Well not at Microwebsites, they build them for a fraction of the price. Why?     ‘By keeping it simple’.

Building a website can be daunting, but their 3 step process gets you on-line in only weeks. Your new website will have style, quality and at no extra cost, movement even if you are a small business you can afford Microwebsites. Websites that are Simple clean and effective – starting from as little as $695ex for a five (5) page design. 

Go to www.microwebsites.com.au   and check out all the sample sites on display.

Proudly web managers for HOME in WA.