PoolWerx Competition - Week 1
'Win an Abgal Pool Blanket and Roller'

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA



1800 009 000

Well as promised, thanks to PoolWerx – The Healthy Pool People someone is going to win an Abgal Pool Blanket and Roller worth over 12 hundred dollars.

Here’s what you need to do – simply jump on your computer and type in www.PoolWerx.com.au   There you’ll see the HOME in WA logo....click on it and that will take you to the competition page. Simply read and agree to the terms and conditions fill in your details and you could be a winner. Abgal are experts in Liners and Covers and the money you’ll save in heating, cooling and evaporation will make it well worth winning this prize. Please note that this does not include measure and fitting!

PoolWerx are THE HEALTHY POOL PEOPLE (hint Hint) so make sure you give them a call if you want your pool taken care of and always in top shape...
So do it straight after today’s show. PoolWerx dot com dot au.
And you could WIN! Good luck!