Mandurah Ocean Marina

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Nick Giannini -

08 9328 8102

Dolphin Drive
Mandurah WA 6210

The Mandurah Ocean Marina, the largest marina outside of the Perth metropolitan area, the marina has been developed by LandCorp - the Western Australian Government's land development agency. The State Government's $50 million investment in the Mandurah Ocean Marina over the length of the development project is expected to generate an estimated $170 million in private sector investment, generating employment, investment, business and new lifestyle opportunities. The total economic impact of the project has been estimated at almost $1 billion.

Covering an area of approximately 40 hectares of land plus a water component of approximately 20 hectares, the marina design features two precincts which will be linked by a pedestrian footbridge. Nearly 40 per cent of the development is being retained as public open space.

Provision for boating and fishing facilities, shops, offices, cafes, restaurants, and tourist and residential developments form the focus of the North Harbour.

And North Harbour has attracted more than frenzied interest by those people lucky enough to score one of the prized residential blocks. Strzelecki Holdings a successful developer at Hillarys Boat Harbour is developing an entertainment and retail complex in the North Harbour while the Dibstone Group has received huge response for it's planned 39 apartment, residential and commercial development.

LandCorp is about to commence construction work on the Mandurah Ocean Marina's South Harbour, paving the way for a network of Venetian-style waterways lined with apartments, shops and family homes. Major earthworks are now complete and construction of the South Harbour will take over 12 months to complete with home sites expected to be available late in 2003.

The Marina is an ideal venue for local events, the Mandurah Ocean Marina Boat and Fishing Show was held at the marina for the first time in 2001 and again this October. So now is the perfect time to come on down to Mandurah and see progress at Mandurah Ocean Marina for yourself. The location is Dolphin Drive off Ormsby Terrace, Mandurah or phone 9328 8102 for more information.