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Unit 8, 200 Winton Road
Joondalup WA 6027

TROJAN FITNESS EQUIPMENT has everything including  the latest keep fit machines, boxing equipment, free weights, the latest in strength training machines and 100’s of accessories. It’s all here!
TROJAN’s motto is “In your own space… in your own time”

A WATER ROWER gives you a very realistic rowing action because you’re actually moving water. Rowing involves virtually the whole body. Legs, back arms and core muscles. Trojan has a range of WATER ROWERS including the Club model, the A-1 and the My Rower model, that stand up for easy storage.

The cross trainer is especially good for people who want to get fit but have some joint issues, because there’s no impact … but high resistance. These 2 machines are manufactured for BODYWORX the EX 18 and the EX 20. The BODYWORX cross trainers provides the user with a smooth, whisper quiet motion and extra stride length to target buttocks and hamstrings. An easy to read LCD display offers varying programs and monitors your heart rate for safe, optimal exercise. The HEALTHSTREAM E450 even offers you an easily adjustable stride length…. 18 to 26 inches.

FORCE USA is a well respected brand in strength training equipment. They have a great range of machines with a variety of functions.

The Smith Machine features “Ultra Glide” linear bearings assuring smooth movement, and a frame structure with a 7 degree slant to accommodate natural upper and lower body movements. It includes cable crossovers, a multifunctional bench, plus a range of bars, handles and straps.

The Power Rack is solid, compact and effective.  It comes with a Lifetime Structural Warranty along with 2 years warranty on cables and pulleys. Combine it with the optional lat pull down, low row, pec deck and cable crossover options.

The FORCE USA Functional Trainer Smith Machine helps you build your entire body with a huge range of functional and sport specific exercises. With 2 massive 100Kg weight stacks, height adjustable dual cable pulleys, chin up bar, smith machine and power rack, makes this the ultimate workout machine.

Whether you’re looking for boxing gear, fitness equipment, strength training machines, benches, weights, dumb bells or accessories…. anything, visit TROJAN FITNESS EQUIPMENT in Joondalup!

Go to  – and they deliver Australia wide. You can even have it installed by a qualified technician.

See them at 200 Winton Road Joondalup.