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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA




Whether you’re after some funky utensils for your kitchen, the best non-stick fry pan on the market or a quirky birthday gift this Kitchen Witch has it all!
More and more people seem to be hoping on the DIY band wagon these days not only for home renos but for dried fruit too.

Yes that’s right. Food dehydrator’s are being used for do it yourself dried fruits and vegies, herbs, meats and fish as they retain the natural flavours, vitamins and minerals without the chemical preservatives found in the packet stuff.

Designed in New Zealand the Ezi-Dry Food Dryer is simple and easy to use, can hold up to 15 trays of food and is very economical, costing no more and 5 cents per hour to run. And there are extra fine mesh and solid inserts available great for sweet or savoury snacks, muesli bars, roll-ups or potato chips. The perfect additive-free snack for the kids lunch boxes!