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If you want a great looking garden then you need to invest and plan for the future like we are here at the Telethon Speech and Hearing Centre.
Adding Bentonite clay to sandy soils is a smart way to look after your garden for a lifetime all with a product made right here in WA.  

When the clay is added it coats the coarse glassy particles of poor coastal sands, attracting humus, organic matter and silt to create aggregates that improve the structure of the soil.
Watheroo Bentonite clay has more than 4 times the surface area of ordinary Kaolinite type clays making it more efficient at attracting this humus and organic matter.  This further increases the surface area of the aggregates, which can then retain increased amounts of water in the soil pores and attract nutrients.

It works like a magnet, with the negatively charged soil aggregates attracting the positively charged nutrients that are dissolved in water, helping your plants to grow and not leaching down or running off into the groundwater.

On established gardens, you can add a handful of Bentonite clay into the bottom of any new planting holes and mix it in with some soil conditioner.  

Where there are established plants and trees in the garden, spread 1-2kg of Bentonite clay per square metre over the surface and add a 5cm layer of compost or soil conditioner.  Work it into the top soil.  To avoid damaging plant roots by digging you can even dissolve it in a watering can and pour it over the soil.

If you want to look after our environment and save money on water and fertiliser, apply Watheroo Bentonite to your whole garden, your plants will thank you for it.

Watheroo Bentonite is available from all good Garden Centres and Retailers in 20 kilo bags and is essential for a healthy garden.  Go to for further information.