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Have you ever wondered why your plants aren’t flourishing even though you are watering them regularly?  If you scratch beneath the surface of the soil you might find that the water you have applied hasn’t soaked into the root zone.

The water simply rolls off the surface of the soil or down the inside of the pot so your plant hardly gets any water at all.  This is not uncommon as some soils can become hydrophobic or repel water particularly when they have been allowed to dry out.

If your soil is behaving this way it is a clear sign that you need a wetting agent. Sandy soils, potting mixes and soils with lots of organic matter are the real culprits.

A soil wetting agent helps to save water by increasing the 'wettability' and water holding capacity of hard to wet soils which allows for deeper penetration of the water into the root zone.  

Other factors like compaction or soil structure can affect how soil absorbs and holds water.
That’s why Seasol developed a wetting agent with a difference as traditional soil wetters don’t improve the condition of the soil.

Seasol Super Soil Wetter should be used on your whole garden, three or four times a year to ensure that every drop of rain and water counts!

And now with summer on its way, it’s the perfect time to start.  Use 50ml per 9 litres of water and apply around the plants roots and over the potting mix or soil.
Seasol Super Soil Wetter & Conditioner ensures that your garden gets the most from every drop of water.

So the next time your garden needs a soil wetter, choose one that saves water and improves the condition of your soil and plants too.

Find Seasol Super Soil Wetter at all good Garden Centres and hardware stores and to find out more about all their products go to