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19 Draper Place
Kewdale WA 6105

Supercrane has delivered superior crane design, manufacture and installation in W.A. since 1986.

With decades of experience and three locations in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, the skilled team at Supercrane are at the forefront of state of the art cranes and lifting equipment.

They create cranes and hoists for use in any environment, anywhere in the world. With the latest computer-assisted design technology, experienced engineers and a design lifting capacity of up to 200 tonnes, Supercrane is the supplier of choice to industry for overhead cranes, portal cranes, slewing cranes, winches and lifting technology. They can even retrofit your crane with a radio remote control to improve operational ease of your crane.

They’ve completed thousands of crane construction and lifting design projects for major clients all over the world. Everyone from mining, oil and gas, bridge construction, railroad construction to building and defence projects.

Service and maintenance is a major commitment. Their service team is on call every minute of every day for all servicing and emergency needs.

Another vital aspect of the Supercrane business is safety.
They provide industry best practise operator training in the safe use of overhead travelling cranes to ensure safety of the workforce and minimising damage to the crane and its valuable load.

Training is based on the Australian standards AS1418 and comprises professional video training, a complete theory course and of course practical training. Supercrane hope’s to improve safety and help companies meet their duty of care requirements in the West Australian workplace.

Supercrane has evolved to become a significant player in the hoisting and lifting industry on the world stage.
From W.A. to Darwin … to remote locations around the world  … SuperCrane … a Western Australian success story.