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'Q&A - Should I Build a One or Two Story Home?'

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA





With today's smaller average block sizes, two-storey homes are a popular choice. They offer added floorspace without taking up more space but, like everything, they have their pros and cons.

Two-storey homes provide plenty of internal living space that can be easily split into separate living areas for children, in-laws or a home office.

Two-storey homes can also offer help capture a more impressive view or a sea breeze, which can add some value to a home. Lower levels are often cooler during the day, given the additional insulation that an upper storey can provide.

Some architects believe that multi-storey homes offer more opportunities for an impressive design too.

A key disadvantage of a multi-storey home is the additional cost. Costs for an upper floor area are often double that of a single storey addition.

Stairs can be an attractive feature of multi-storey homes although many home owners see stairs as a safety concern, especially for the young, aged or infirm.

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