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You can create your own waterwise garden like the experts without having to bring in a truck load of new soil by following these simple techniques.

The most important part of any garden is to start from the ground up.  And a really important key to start with is Bentonite Clay, which is a one off application to create a ‘garden for a lifetime’.

The first step to a thriving new waterwise garden is choosing a ‘Planting Kit’, like the professionals.

You will need some soil improver, Bentonite clay, fertiliser, wetting agent and mulch. It’s all you need to give your plants the perfect start in life.

Watheroo Bentonite clay is a natural clay from WA, rich in both Calcium and Magnesium. The clay particles stick to the grains of soil and help bind the sand and organic material into aggregates that improve its structure, water and nutrient holding capacity and wettability.

The soil conditioner helps to improve and increase soil micro-organisms and worms.  When you’ve got worms in your garden you know it’s healthy.

Before planting up a new garden bed apply a 5cm layer of soil conditioner, compost or manure over the soil surface. Add around 3kg to 5kg of Bentonite clay depending on how sandy the area is, and a handful of organic fertiliser per square metre and dig it in to 20-30cms deep.

When putting in your plants, add a small amount of controlled release fertiliser into the bottom of the hole, place the plant carefully in the hole, check the height and then backfill. Water in well and finish off with a layer of mulch and wetting agent.

Treating your garden with Bentonite clay as part of your planting kit at the preparation stage can save up to 60% in water needed and provides long term benefits for your garden and the environment.  

You can pick up Watheroo Bentonite in 20kg bags from all good Garden Centres and Retailers or visit their website at Bentonite WA – you’ll be surprised how affordable it is and the results are outstanding.