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Attix can create a storage area that's clean, light and practical, right in your roof space. They start with a floor that's lightweight and strong enough to carry the most common household items. Heavier loads can also be accommodated with the addition of structural flooring.

Then, your new storage area is given walls and a ceiling made of light weight insulation material. This material looks good and it provides excellent insulation to keep your attic storage space cooler and, most importantly, it keeps your storage area pretty much dust-free.

Attix can also install skylights and ventilation to make your area more comfortable to be in. And access is easy too.
Attix carries a range of ladders to make it easy to reach your storage area, without taking up any floor space.  Once your done, they simply fold up into the ceiling.
A dust-free room can be installed in your roof space in less than a day and as registered builders, Attix can ensure that all work is carried out safely and to the highest standards - they can even create living areas in your roof!
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