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In today's disposable society, everything seems to have a use-by-date, including your electric or solar hot water system. And it's a pretty sure bet that it's going to break down at the most inconvenient time possible. So when you need a new hot water system, you might be interested to know that by switching to AlintaGas from an equivalent electric hot water unit, you could save up to $300 per year.

There are basically two types of natural gas hot water systems, both of which will deliver a reliable and economical supply of steaming hot water.

A gas storage system consists of a large insulated tank in which water is heated and stored ready for use. With a Gas Storage Hot water system like the Rheem Stellar, for example, you can have piping hot water in the kitchen without hearing that tell-tale scream from the bathroom, because you'll get hot water from multiple outlets at the same time.

An instantaneous, or continuous flow, gas hot water system, like the Rheem Integrity, heats the water only as you need it, making it a very economical option perfect for smaller homes or units. And the hot water never runs out, which is perfect for lovers of long showers.

And whether you choose instant or storage you can have perfect showers every time with total control over the temperature of your hot water to the degree. A digital temperature controller allows you to preset the temperature of the hot water providing up to 50 degrees Celsius in the bathroom and 60 degrees in the kitchen and laundry.

And if you need a new hot water system now, but your bank balance doesn't seem to agree with you, the AlintaGas Hot Water Advantage Payment Plan will give you a continuous supply of steaming hot water with nothing to pay up front. *BASED ON A 48-MONTH GAS SUPPLY CONTRACT. ESTABLISHMENT FEES AND CONDITIONS APPLY.

The cost of your natural gas hot water system, including installation, is spread over two years. And the payments are simply added to your quarterly AlintaGas bill. For more information contact AlintaGas on 13 13 58.