Soil Solver

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Joy Clunies-Ross



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WA's sandy soil not only makes it more difficult to grow a lush and thriving garden, it also means we use more water and more money than we need to, in order to try to keep it growing.

Instead of spending a fortune on water and fertilisers and compost and constantly replacing dead plants, a one-off investment in amending the structure of your soil will save you money in the long term and benefit our environment.

Soil Solver turns sand into soil. It's unique combination of calcium enriched Kaolin Clay and mineral rich silts offers a permanent solution for poor quality, water-repellent sand.
The clay works by filling the gaps between the grains of sand, so that water doesn't just flow straight through. It also makes the sand molecules 'sticky' so that water, minerals and nutrients 'cling' to the soil. Together, this cuts down on your water use and on the runoff into our water table.

A garden treated with Soil Solver, a nice thick layer of mulch and a drip watering system can slash your garden water use by as much as 60%, which is great news for the environment and for your hip pocket. It'll also mean less time working in the garden and more time enjoying it.