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Throughout WA we love to live and work on the coast, from down in Dunsborough up to the rugged Kalbarri cliffs, but that creates challenges for gardeners who want to create a garden.  

Here on the coast we are going to show you a few simple tricks to create your own piece of paradise by the sea.

The first step to a thriving coastal garden is choosing plants that are suited to the harsh conditions. You'll need to find plants that can withstand free draining sandy soils, strong winds and salt spray.

Plants like the Coprosma ‘Marble Queen’, Metrosideros ‘Lemon Twist’, Metrosideros ‘Fiji’ and Royena have glossy leaves to reflect the light and protect them from the wind and salt.  The grey foliage of the Olearia axillaris ‘little Smokie’ and Silver bush also reflects the light and the grey hairs on the leaf keeps salt from damaging the leaf surface.

The dramatic dragon tree and groundcover blue chalksticks also reflect light and store water within their succulent stems to help them to survive in dry harsh environments.  While the soft looking but tough leaves of Lomandra ‘Tanika’ filter the wind

But what makes these plants look so good?  Well the secret is in the soil preparation and the aftercare.  Improving the soil with lots of organic matter before planting and with the regular application of both Seasol and Powerfeed, you can have your garden looking this good.

Apply both Seasol and Powerfeed every couple of weeks for a healthy coastal garden.  The Seasol helps to thicken the plant cell walls making them more resistant to stress from heat, drought and wind.  It also encourages a healthy and vigorous root system, so that the plant can get to water held deeper within the soil.

Seasol is a great plant tonic that helps plants in the fight against pest and disease attack.  PowerFeed is made from fish and provides all the essential nutrients plants need for healthy growth.  It also contains liquid composts that help to condition the soil.  The ideal pick-me-up for a sandy coastal garden

Living by the coast doesn't mean that you can’t have a beautiful garden. With the right preparation and aftercare, including regular doses of Seasol and Powerfeed you can create your own coastal paradise.

You can pick up Seasol and PowerFeed in a variety of easy-to-use packs from all good Garden Centres and Retailers and look out for some more great gardening ideas on Home in WA each week.