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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Phil Raven



(08) 9921 8835

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34-36 Burton Street
Cannington WA 6107

Let’s not deny it, building your dream home can be a stressful process. Not to mention it’s your biggest investment. The whole thing can become very emotional.

So to make things a little easier, I’ve think found a builder that promises to deliver its best, always!  

It’s Plunkett Homes…

Established in 1903, Plunkett is one of the oldest building companies in Australia, not just WA.

And for a company to have been in business for over a Century, they must be doing things right!

Sales Manager, Warren Taylor, says Plunkett doesn’t just stand by its homes. It stands by good, old-fashioned ethics.

“Our aim is to give you genuine value for money but when the home is completed we don't just walk away. If you have a problem and it's our fault, we'll fix it. Even if the home is 20 years old. If it's our fault, we fix it. Simple as that!”

At the recent HIA awards, Plunkett won 6 gold medals including an award for Excellence in Service. And for the vibrant family run business, service is a simple vision.

So make your dreams come to life. Call Plunkett Homes.

In the Midwest you can reach them on 9921 8835. Or go to