Monster Steam Mop 'By Euroflex Australia'

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Monster Mops and Stean Cleeaners available Australia wide and in New Zealand from leading retailers


At last a steam mop to clean your floors without leaving them soaked.

The Monster is the World’s only steam mop that has a built in boiler.

This means the Monster can superheat to 130 degrees Celsius which produces steam that is hotter and drier than most other steam mops.

Hotter and drier steam evaporates faster which means the Monster leaves little or no moisture on the floor surface.

Unlike some other brands that use a ‘drip-feed’ system, Monster’s hotter and dryer steam means you can safely mop on any sealed, hard surface, including water sensitive timber or floating floorboards.

The Monster has patented front booster jets providing extra cleaning power for removing stubborn dirt in hard to reach places.

Other features include an automatic start which gives you steam on demand, the Monster has a carpet glider that enables you to refresh and deodorise your carpets and rugs, and it has a long, 7.5 metre cable which allows you to go further.

The Monster also comes with unique, super absorbent pads that lift the dirt and wipe away any moisture.
To reuse your pads, simply pop them into the wash.

With Monster sold in 42 countries, you can confidently place your trust in one of the World’s leader in steam appliances. The Monster steam mop is also recommended for use on timber floors.

Now you can throw away your toxic cleaning products forever and your floors will be cleaner and more hygienic than ever before.

With the Monster steam mop, it’s faster, easier, more hygienic and cleaner.

The Monster is without doubt one of the most advanced and efficient steam mops in the World.

Say goodbye to your unhealthy cleaning methods and make the Monster a part of your life today.