'The Healthy Pool People'

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1800 009 000

Let us introduce you to the Viron Evo Pump from PoolWerx. It’s energy efficient,whisper quiet and can save you up to 93% of on going operating costs.

It’s simple, this pump will give you more time and money saving you up to $1000 a year on pool power costs and it’s because PoolWerx are the healthy pool people and want to help reduce your carbon footprint.
PoolWerx can also help you save in other ways as well including pressure testing pipe work,encouraging regular maintenance programs for equipment and checking for leaks.

They are also the National Sponsor of the Royal Life Saving Keep Watch Program - making sure our kids are keeping safe when near or in the home pool.

Plus with franchise opportunities available you simply can’t go wrong with PoolWerx. Give them a call today 1800 009 000