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Legislation now states that all new homes require an energy assessment and must have a thermal rating of at least 6-stars or more.  And when it comes to creating a sustainable home, it all starts with good design.

Design is one of the largest contributors to a building's thermal rating, so it's incredibly important to get the design right. Choosing the right orientation, building in insulation benefits, considering heat loss, through windows and where they are placed. Also construction methods and climate zone significantly determine your building's thermal performance.

True North assess your home or commercial building to ensure that it meets the new BCA sustainability standards and stays more comfortable all year round, by using the principles of solar-passive design.

Some common features of solar-passive design include face your largest windows and living areas north, so winter sun can penetrate deep into the house.

Bedrooms and wet areas should be to the south, east or west, while the kitchen, family, dining and lounge areas should face north.  Protecting the east and west facing windows from the sun with shade structures or trees and having long thin narrow windows high up under the eaves allow light and air flow to penetrate.
Insulation is also important and allows the summer heat to be repelled and the winter warmth to be stored. Heavy drapes and pelmets can be used to keep the summer heat out and the winter warmth in.