Soil Solver

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Joy Clunies-Ross



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Many builders offer packages that include something towards your new garden and most of us would automatically think to spend it on plants. But a one-off  investment in the right foundation for your garden now, can reward you with the long-term benefits of a lush, healthy garden in the future.
WA's sandy soils are notoriously bad at holding the water and nutrients that plants need to thrive. That's because up close, sand has big spaces between the grains. Adding clay fills those gaps, which slows the water as it travels through the soil.
Soil Solver contains calcium enriched Kaolin clay and mineral rich silts to fill those gaps in the sand. It also sticks to the grains and makes them clingy too, so that nutrients and moisture are held in the soil for longer - where your plants can access it.
Soil Solver contains all the trace elements your plants need, but is not a fertilizer or a soil conditioner. It's a once-only treatment that will permanently improve the structure of your soil; turning it from dry water-repellent sand into a soil that's rich and moist. And that's a portion of your new garden budget very well spent.
Drop in and see their demonstration in the Habitat Garden at the 2012 Royal Show.