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Climate change is real and with the global population recently hitting 7-billion, it's pretty obvious that one of the solutions starts in ‘building’ the home. It’s now mandatory for every new home to have a minimum 6-star energy rating or higher.

A house energy rating assesses the thermal performance (comfort) on a scale of zero to 10 stars. A 0-rating means the building does nothing to help with your comfort in warmer or cooler weather, a 10-star rating Is the best outcome that can be achieved.

True North can assess your home design to ensure that it complies with the new BCA standard. Eddie Roe is the principal.

According to Eddie, a six-star home is not that difficult to achieve. Passive solar design principles play a more important role than in previous standards. So when building, you need to start with the right design. Choosing the right orientation and shading and maximising your glazing to the north and reducing it to west and east facing elevations will help to achieve the required rating.

True North have many years experience in home and building energy assessments and can ensure that your home not only complies with regulations but also offers you the maximum comfort possible.
A sustainable home also has long term benefits beyond today's environment. For a start, it can cost no more to build an energy efficient home and a sustainable design requires less energy to remain comfortable, so you'll enjoy long-term savings on your energy bills.