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Dame Edna tells us “don’t forget the SEASOL” and with spring here, we’s time to get out and about in the garden for both work and play...
Now is the time get your plants looking great for summer with lots of lush foliage, flowers and fruit, it is also the time to give them a feed.

To get the best from your garden, you need to start with a healthy diet. All plants benefit from a plant tonic - to give them a real boost and fertiliser to get them growing.

Whether you have a green or brown thumb, a regular application of Seasol will help create a strong and healthier root system and help plants in the fight against pest and disease.

It’s easy, just three capfuls of Seasol in a watering can, add some more water, mix and then away you go.  Because Seasol reduces the stress on your plants and helps to make fertilisers more effective it improves the overall health of your garden.

For the perfect garden combination, add some Powerfeed with your Seasol.  PowerFeed promotes vigorous growth and stimulates flowering and fruiting in your garden.

PowerFeed is made from a unique blend of fish, highly soluble nutrients and liquid composts.  It contains the major nutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium, essential for plant growth and development.  

The fish in PowerFeed provides a rich source of amino acids, proteins, beneficial bacteria, trace elements and vitamins.  It also contains liquid composts to increase beneficial microbes in the soil and improve soil structure bringing your soil to life.

So as the Dame says, “don’t forget the Seasol and PowerFeed”...apply every couple of weeks throughout the growing season for bigger blooms and more vigorous growth.
And you'll have the best garden on the street!

Find Seasol and PowerFeed at all good Garden Centres and hardware stores and keep watching Home in WA each Saturday for more Gardening At Home tips.