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We have a sweet treat for you, as strawberry season is here right now to tempt you.  Colin and his daughter Isla show you the easy way to grow your own delicious strawberries at your home in WA!  We suggest you use multi-tiered pots, hanging baskets or a strawberry planter.

Spring is the perfect time for planting up a pot of sweet strawberries to enjoy throughout the weeks ahead.  Always choose varieties that are suited to WA’s climate.  

As always use a premium potting mix with the red ticks and start filling the planter from the bottom...  Gently tap the strawberries out of their pots and place through the holes on the side.  Once you get to the very top of the planter, water in with Seasol to reduce transplant shock and to produce tougher, healthier plants

It’s also the time to starting planning for your summer salads. Have a look at what's available at your local nursery and it will give you a pretty good indication as to what crops are best to plant right now.  Now it’s the season to be planting tomatoes!

To get a bumper crop, your tomatoes need a large pot or container and some support to grow up like these Tomato Towers or the Mobile Vege Patch.
Alternatively you can plant them in the garden or if you like the smaller compact varieties, in pots or hanging baskets

Again use a premium potting mix and soak your pots in a Seasol solution prior to planting. A great tip is to plant them deeper than normal as they will produce more roots from the stem.

If you want bigger plants and lots more fruit, feed every fortnight with PowerFeed for Vegies which is specifically designed for vegetables, but has the proven PowerFeed formula of fish, highly soluble nutrients and liquid composts - everything that your Vegies need to thrive.

If you have a larger garden or veggie patch you can use the hose-on PowerFeed for Vegies, it's super easy to apply.
As Isla reminded us on this story: Don’t forget the Seasol!

Find out more at and find PowerFeed for Vegies as a concentrate or pre-mixed hose-on at all good garden centres and retailers.