HD televisions are so cheap these days.
So cheap, and so good.
And if you’re in the market for a new one, there’s one unit that really stands out from the crowd.
It’s this incredible Smart TV from .. of course … Samsung.
And the best place to get one is of course … Retravision.

This Samsung Series 7 Slim LED from Retravision uses Smart Interaction Technology that allows you to use voice and gesture control to turn your TV on and off, change channels, navigate the web, and access your favourite movies and sports.
Samsung has positively revolutionised the way we use and access our Televisions.

A camera and microphone hidden in the frame of the Samsung picks up simple voice and gesture controls to control the various TV functions.

If you’ve ever lost your remote control under the sofa cushions … or in the dog’s mouth, well, you don’t need one any-more! But there’s also an integrated touch-pad just in case.

The voice control also accesses the inbuilt Web browser, while the Gesture control recognises an outstretched hand and fingertips, which can then be moved around as a mouse cursor on-screen. Clenching the hand into a fist ‘clicks’ the mouse.

So come and talk to one of these very Smart Samsung TV’s today at your nearest Retravision store.