Granny Flats WA

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Mike Nicholls



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92 McCoy Street
Booragoon WA 6154

Granny Flats W.A. have been providing their quality product for independent accommodation for family members, for aged parents, teenagers accommodation, an extension to your home or home office.

 Now, it’s also a money making investment. The rules governing granny flats have been changed so they can be rented out, used for many other purposes other than family use.
Investors are flocking in to find out how they can benefit.

And the place they flock to is right here.
If you have a negative geared investment property the government now allows a granny flat to be installed and attain a second rental income. The property can now easily generate a very positive investment return without the additional cost of subdivision and associated costs. And where a granny flat is used initially by family members and then is no longer needed, it can now be rented out or even used as a home business bed and breakfast or simply rented out on a room by room basis. This is great news!

And their new showroom has now opened in Joondalup.