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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA





Whether you’re preparing your HOME in WA to get it ready to sell, or you’re finally tackling that project that’s well overdue, home improvements can get quite stressy – but not if you know the right people! Tradesmen that know their stuff!

There’s some great things happening at the Master Builders Association at the moment, so if you’re a subcontractor, or looking for subcontractors, you might want to know about this…Master Builders are launching an exciting new classification for subcontractors to help raise standards within the building industry through the introduction of ‘Master Tradesmen’.

So, what exactly is a Master Tradesman? Well, it’s a tradie who is committed to quality workmanship…basically someone who has passed through the career path, from apprentice, to on the job experience to become recognized by Master Builders as a Master Tradesman.

So tradies that have qualified as a Master Tradesman will give consumers that extra confidence when appointing them to do the job. This person has solid experience, knows the rules, works safely and should be appropriately covered, insurance wise, if anything was to happen on site.

Master Builders approved Master Tradesmen will also have access to all the necessary training, the latest industry guidelines to keep on top of their craft and up to date with legislation.

Master Builders President, Robert Shaw, says it’s something all tradies should do...a natural next step to insure their skills are recognised.  

“Tradespeople who can demonstrate their commitment to doing a good job can apply to Master Builders’ Board to get this classification.”

“To apply, a tradesperson will have to have completed their apprenticeship and worked for a minimum of 3 years in the industry. Alternatively, tradesperson with a minimum of 7 years experience, without an apprenticeship, can also apply.”

These individuals will have to demonstrate a commitment to quality building work, customer service, safety awareness, insurance protections, and ongoing training.

Glen Shilling, who’s got years of industry knowledge under his tool belt, is one very handy guy to know…he’s the first Master Tradesman in WA.

“It’s the first scheme to recognise those trades that strive hard to do a good job. You see as in all jobs, there are people out there who give the industry a bad name.”

Another great advantage in becoming a Master Tradesman is to be promoted as a Master Tradesman. Access to sponsor discounts and terrific deals on vehicles through their alliance partners Toyota.

It now only costs $99 to get a Master Tradesman classification. So if you think you have what it takes to become a Master Tradesman, give Skye at Master Builders a call on 9476 9800 or visit