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With Spring fast approaching, we're thinking vivid colour and lush greenery.  So, we created an ornamental vegetable garden or ‘Potager’ where we mix flowers, shrubs, annuals, herbs and vegetables to create a kaleidoscope of colour, texture and taste.  
We chose plants with really interesting, lush foliage which is great for filling pockets of the garden - Rainbow chard (or Silverbeet) in a variety of colours, frilly-leaved lettuces in green and red, along with richly textured black kale.
We've also used some herbs like fragrant Basil in both purple and green and Afro Parsley, which  has this fantastic bright green foliage and is great for a border or adding texture.
Because we planted out a large area, we prepped by giving the whole bed a good soaking with Powerfeed for Vegies and digging in some compost.

More than just a brilliant fertilizer; Powerfeed for Vegies also acts as a soil conditioner, stimulating the growth of beneficial microbes which break down organic matter and release vital nutrients into the soil.
Powerfeed for Veggies is specially formulated for vegetables, providing just the right balance of essential nutrients for lush foliage and a super crop and it can also be used on the rest of the garden – so it’s perfect for a mixed bed.
For the patio, courtyard or balcony, you can create a similar mass planting effect with pots and containers. We chose plants that bush out quite nicely and will fill the containers quickly - Armerias, Nemesias, Bracteanthus, Helichrysum 'Icicles' and some Princess lilies.
As always, start with a good quality potting mix and I like to add some Seasol Planting Gel. The crystals are impregnated with Seasol and Powerfeed so they help to promote healthy root growth and provide essential nutrients to get your plants off to the best start – plus they absorb and deliver water for extended periods.

When you plant large areas it's a good idea to group plants with similar water needs together and you can improve the whole garden's tolerance to heat, drought and stress by finishing off with regular doses of Seasol.

 A regular application of Seasol will also help keep your garden healthy and improve resistance to disease, so you can always enjoy it at its best.

You’ll find Seasol, Seasol Planting Gel and PowerFeed for Vegies at all good garden centres and retailers and join us for more Gardening at Home soon.