Monster Water Vacuum
'Special Home in WA offer - $199 while stocks last!'

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Monster Mops and Steam Cleaners available Australia wide and in New Zealand from leading retailers


1800 66 38 66

Designed in Italy, the Monster Water Vac uses a water chamber to trap dirt and fine dust particles making it not only super efficient, but also super easy to empty.

That water chamber also means that the trapped dirt and dust cannot escape into the air we breathe, making it ideal for asthma or allergy sufferers. There's also a HEPA filter to make doubly sure that no fine dust particles get in to clog the motor and reduce suction. And as for suction, the Monster Water Vac offers 1800 watts of cleaning power, which is supercharged by the water-turbine created in the water chamber. You can even use the Water Vac to suck up small liquid spills. The Monster Water Vac comes with all the accessories on-board and it's covered by a 12-month warranty with a local service centre right here in WA. The Monster Water Vac is ideal for any home - especially homes with allergy sufferers and it's available to Home in WA viewers at a very special price. Simply call 1800 66 38 66 and you can get the Monster Water Vac for just $199 - that's a 50% saving off normal retail. There's only a limited number available at this price, so get in quick if you'd like to say goodbye to dustbags forever!  Call them $199 they are sensational value!