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Choosing to build an environmentally responsible home doesn't mean sacrificing performance.  In fact, the MasterWall systems can save you build-time and build costs and also offer long-term savings on your energy bills.

The MasterWall K-Series cladding system is powered by Kooltherm K5 from Kingspan Insulation and has the highest possible thermal performance for an insulation panel – at R4.0 the 80mm K5 panel for example, has an insulation rating 9 times higher than brick.

The lightweight panels are easy to work with and quick to install and effectively create an insulated envelope around your home.

The MasterWall K-Series is a complete system including air-tight sealants, flashing system and detailing to make your home air-tight, eliminating thermal leakage of hot or cool air into or out of your home.

Not only will the MasterWall K-Series system keep the heat out, it will also withstand intense heat - up to 600 degrees.  The rendered panel only begins to char, but not melt or burn.  The MasterWall K Series has achieved a Bushfire Attack Level of BAL40 – this being a radiant heat test, simulating flashover bushfire and ember attack.  The degree of radiant heat at BAL40 would kill a person in seconds.

Offering superior thermally efficiency, protection from Bushfire, complete architectural freedom and significant cost savings, the MasterWall K Series really is an intelligent and innovative choice of building material.