Monster Water Vacuum
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Here’s a special HOME in WA bargain! A Monster Water Vac for a special price of just $199 for HOME in WA viewers.

These days, it seems like most of us have at least one person in the family who suffers from hay fever or allergies and if you're concerned about what sort of allergens your vacuum cleaner may be belching out into the air, then this Monster A75 Water Vacuum may be just the solution you need. The Monster Water Vac uses water to trap minute particles of dust and dirt that normally float around your floor and around in the air.

Designed by Euroflex in Italy, the Monster Water Vac traps dust in its water chamber, making it impossible for the dust to exit the system. There's also a secondary HEPA filter to trap even fine dust particles, so there's no dust flying around inside the machine to clog the motor. And there's no escaping dust cloud when it comes time to empty the Monster Water Vac! You simply pour the dirty water into the sink or even the garden. At $200 OFF the standard price you pay only $199, (Not $399) but you must call 1800 66 38 66 and order yours direct!

The Monster Water Vac offers 1800 watts of cleaning power and the water churning within the Monster acts like a water-turbine, creating even more suction power.
Get yours today for only $199. The Monster Water Vac is ideal for people with respiratory difficulties such as asthma or for those with skin sensitivities such as dermatitis and we have a special offer just for Home in WA viewers. The Monster Water Vac comes complete with a 12-month warranty and normally retails for around $400, but today simply call 1800 66 38 66 and it's yours for just $199.