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'Is it a Good Time to Build Now - Part 2'

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA





One of the most frequently asked questions in real estate is “Is this a good time to build?” Well with low interest rates, strong population growth and a tight rental market,
The answer is … yes.

This is backed up strongly by advice from the Master Builders. The building market is a little quiet at the moment so trades are more readily available, there is a very large always growing number people looking for housing and the interest rate cuts can make the feasibility costings look more attractive and allow your budget to increase. There are also many positive indicators for future growth in the WA economy.

And, the incentives that are being offered at the moment are too good to refuse. Everything from furniture packages, gourmet kitchens to $45,000 of free extras!
Yes … it’s a good time to build.

Of course there are things to consider and research to be completed before you make a final decision.

The Master Builders tell us that we should also consider the current availability of trades and shorter construction times experienced in the industry.  This keeps holding costs down and reduces investment risk.

WA is demanding more residential dwellings every year. Net population growth from immigration and births is likely to underpin growing demand for more residential construction in WA for at least the next decade according to most forecasts.

There are a lot of incentives to build now from builders and land developers. Combine that with low interest rates, strong population growth and a tight rental market, and it all adds up.