Retravision are back to introduce you to a new revolution in the kitchen. And that revolution is...Colour!

No more do kitchens need to be bland, white places full of bland, white appliances. If you love colour – let it show!

Sharmion Raine from Retravision is back to show us how to inject colour into our kitchens. Starting with the bright DeLonghi Kettles which come in red, blue , white and black. You can also choose a DeLonghi toaster to match your kettle! Perfect.

And if you love funky colours, then this is for you. Kenwood have brought out a fantastic colour range on their appliances- from bright pink to sunny yellow, they have it all...
So it’s definitely time to get attached to your colour with Kenwood.

So there you have it – colour is in. And of course the best place to add a little colour to your kitchen with the latest top brand appliances, is right here at Retravision. Head to their website