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MasterWall is a complete building system that offers the highest possible thermal insulation properties, without the need to add anything extra.  This state-of-the-art system involves more than just thermally efficient cladding.  It also includes a weather-tight substrate design and a focus on air-tightness efficiency.

The panels themselves have a thermal performance rating up to six times higher than that of traditional brick and the systemic approach effectively insulates your home from the outside, which has been proven to be the most effective means.

MasterWall's unique system also includes a breather wrap membrane, weather-tight flashing detailing for windows, doors and cladding junctions, creating a completely weather-proof and air-tight envelope that won't lose or let in heat.

The MasterWall panels are created using the latest innovative building technology and are lightweight, reducing build time and cost.  
The unique render system is strong, flexible and durable and allows you freedom of design with a modern finish.  And the whole system is backed by a comprehensive warranty.
Choosing to build using the MasterWall system offers you all the architectural freedom and finishes of a traditional build with the added bonus of long-term benefits to the environment and to your bank balance.