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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA





When choosing a block, remember to take into account not just whether or not the house you want will fit on the block but also that you can orientate the home for maximum benefit.

The direction each room faces makes a huge difference to your comfort and your home's running costs.
East and west areas can get uncomfortably hot in summer, so are best suited to utility rooms such as garages, laundries, bathrooms and storage.
Living areas such as family rooms, kitchens and outdoor entertaining areas should usually be exposed to the north for maximum winter comfort.
When choosing your block, you should also consider the impact of any slope - even a modest slope can add about 10% to your bill.

Planning restrictions can also be a hidden trap. Check local planning laws and check the certificate of title carefully for restrictions that might apply.

There's also a number of government websites that you can visit to find out about any land contamination, bushfire protection requirements, available utilities and your future neighbours!  All these can push up your costs.