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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA





A pool adds value to your home and lifestyle, but do you choose an above or below ground pool?
Above ground can be cheaper to install and some temporary pools can be easily erected or inflated, and then dismantled for storage.
Below ground pools are constructed using fibreglass, brick or concrete. Fibreglass is often the most affordable option; however brick and concrete pools have the advantage of fitting any shape and the space you have available.
You can also have a varying depth for safe entry or pool use, or include other features like a water feature, spa, or exercise jets for a good workout.

Below-ground pools need to be installed in stable, compacted soils where settlement or moisture variations are not likely to lead to structural damage to the pool.

You may also need to be wary of steep slopes, historical waste landfills, mined areas, flood prone areas, and seismic faults.

Check with the Building Commission regarding pool fencing laws. For more information check Master Builders A to Z at their website,