There’s nothing like the delicious smell of home baking wafting through the house. And today the lovely Sharmion from Retravision told us the secrets to successful home baking. And the secrets start with getting yourself some pretty impressive appliances.

Check out the Sunbeam Mixmaster Range. The Mixmaster range starts with the Mixmaster Compact model for under $100, right up to the Café Series MX8900, the ultimate bakers’ dream machine.

Or perhaps you’d like Breville's Scraper Mixer Pro which replicates the mixing action used by patisseries and bakeries with its clockwise and anti-clockwise motion as well as this special scraping action that cuts mixing time by 60%.

There’s certainly more than meets the eye when it comes to mixers. And of course, the best place to see the full range of top brand bench top mixers is Retravision – jump onto