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Did you know that garden water use accounts for around half of annual domestic water consumption in Perth? Introducing water conservation practices in the garden can therefore dramatically reduce the amount of water being taken from town water supply and ease the pressure on our dams.

Apart from using alternative water sources such as rainwater tanks, applying mulch in the garden and using the latest products to have received the Smart Water Mark tick of approval are two great water conservation practices.

Bailey’s have a fantastic range of products for your garden which will help make your watering more efficient and promote a healthy water-wise garden.

The key to a beautiful garden in WA is its soil. It is very important that before you plant anything in the ground you improve the soil content first.

Bailey’s Soil Improver Plus is a fully composted organic blend that improves soil structure and promotes strong and healthy growth.

By applying the correct thickness and cultivation into the soil, water retention is increased and plant nutrient efficiency is more effective, eliminating run-off and nutrient leaching.

When soils are left dry for extended periods they become hydrophobic where the water repels and runs off instead of penetrating the soil. The simplest way to absorb water is by using a quality wetting agent like Baileys Grosorb.

Grosorb is an environmentally-friendly organic based soil wetter for the use in pots, hanging baskets, gardens and lawns.

It increases the water holding capacity of the soil and reduces watering by up to 25% by eliminating run off and allowing water to soak through the soil getting into the roots of your plants.

It is also increases fertiliser efficiency and a great all round product which is particularly useful for applying after Grosorb to help prepare the soil before planting, is Baileys Energy Fertiliser.

Energy Fertiliser is organically based and slow acting. Its well-balanced formula improves soil structure, assists with water retention and improves soil aeration.

To finish up you need a good mulch to protect your vital top soil which provides food for all plant life and another product that carries the smart approved watermark is Baileys organic mulch.

It’s fantastic for protecting, maintaining and nourishing the crucial thin layer of top soil and assisting your garden through stressful summer months.

Baileys Moisture Mulch is a recycled organic product which suppresses weeds and also reduces water use in the garden by protecting the surface of the soil from evaporation.

Plants deserve the best start they can get. By using a quality water-wise products that carries the premium Australian Standards Mark your garden will definitely thrive!