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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA




I love to cook with good sharp knife but I hate having to sharpen them because if you don’t strike the blade at the right angle you wreck the knife. Well the WARTHOD SHARPENER is so easy to use you simply can’t get it wrong.

With its intriguing appearance the WARTHOG SHARPNER was originally invented to sharpen hunting knives in South Africa and today is the best kitchen knife sharpener on the market.

The device is already set so that the blade is guided down at the right angle every time, creating the microscopic serrations that make a knife sharp.  It uses two diamond coated sharpening rods that sharpen the blade on both sides simultaneously. And all it just takes two or three actions to bring life back into your best knives.

Who would have thought that sharpening a knife could be such an easy task!

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