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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Declan McGuire



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These days we have a choice in the type of water we have in our private swimming pools. There’s a standard Chlorine fed pool or you can have a Salt Water Pool. Just like the beach over there! It is a refreshing alternative.

A saltwater pool is as close to the ocean as you’ll get. In many cases having Salt Water in your pool can be better for your health and feels great on your skin!

You see, some people prefer this rather than freshwater pools. So this Saltigem system is the Automatic system to consider if you have Salt Water.

The Saltigem is the latest in design from Pool Controls, a company with over 30 years experience in automated water quality management.

The Saltigem is an automatic salt chlorinator. It uses salt dissolved in the water to keep your pool clean and safe – and can also balance the pH of your pool water – automatically!

Saltigem is locally made by Pool Controls in their factory in Balcatta and is designed to suit our Aussie conditions.

I guess the only problem with creating such a beautiful swimming environment is that the pool is constantly used. But with the Saltigem working away tirelessly and keeping the balance perfect – it’s very much SET & FORGET!

So there you have it...Call Pool Controls on 1300 550 010 or jump online to poolcontrols.com.au and see both the Saltigem and Chemigem systems.